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Filmmaking Bootcamp is a digital instructional tool designed to take your students from 0-100 through the Hollywood filmmaking process. Mapped to state and national Digital Video Production standards and heavily supporting the ACA Premiere Certification exam, Filmmaking Bootcamp is your complete interactive digital textbook for offering filmmaking in your class.
While other filmmaking instructional resources primarily focus on skill-based competency, Command Media has taken a story-centric approach. This means that instead of struggling to learn the tools of filmmaking (i.e. Adobe Premiere) through a series of painstaking software tutorials, Filmmaking Bootcamp focuses on guiding students through the process of crafting an effective story through the medium of film. Not only are students gaining a deep knowldge of the “why’s” of filmmaking, but a portfolio-assessed approach is
statistically proven to be the most effective method of transmitting tool-based competency.
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